HCC Junior Player Code of Behaviour for Representative Teams

All players who are competiting in Representative Teams are required to complete this Junior Code of Conduct Form

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By completing this form I acknowledge and agree my child will:
# Compete by the competition rules and conditions.
# Not argue with umpires, judges or referees decisions.
# Work equally hard for my team and myself.
# Be a good sport, encouraging and supporting my team mates.
# Respect opponents and their skills and be friendly toward all participants.
# Co-operate with my Coach, Manager and team mates.
# Be responsible, aware I am representing my family, my club, my hometown and my Association.
# Abstain from the use of tobacco, vape and e-cigarettes and the consumption of alcohol.
# Not take part in any social activities not approved or organised by my team manager.
# Take direction from HCC Team Manager and Coach
# Commit to attend all training/practice sessions & communicate with team officials if unable to attend, outlining the reasons

I further acknowledge:
I am aware that serious breaches of this Code of Behaviour will result in my child being prohibited from further participation in the Championship.
Costs caused, for example, by damage to other people's property, will be my responsibility.

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